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EVP Evidence -
A Quick Primer
•Class A: Easily understood by almost anyone
with little or no dispute. These are also usually
the loudest EVPs.

•Class B: Usually characterized by warping of the
voice in certain syllables. Lower in volume or
more distant sounding than Class A. Class B is
the most common type of EVP.

•Class C: Characterized by excessive warping.
They are the lowest in volume (often whispering)
and are the hardest to understand.
Classes of EVPs
Sounds pretty simple, huh?  Let's just see how simple it really is. Below are samples of EVPs
from various cases throughout the site. Try to identify the class of each EVP based on what you
hear and the guidelines given above. Just the use the play, rewind and fast forward controls as
you normally would if you need to listen again. Keep at it! This is some of the real work of
ghost hunting. It's not all just chasing them on location. By the way, we've given the answers to
what is said on each one, but we're not giving the answers to the class of EVP here - LOL.
Ellie Mae Hickman
Let me come back
Where did you get our picture?
Harold got in front of me
Cause I can't stop, Im not an orb
You devils
Harold's worried.  Why?
There she is
You can see
Sedate me
Who are you over here watching?
Granny's dead
Everyone changes, Anna
Oh Hannah, can you fully learn?
This is a photo taken of Harold while the "Let me come
back" EVP was being recorded. Note the brightly
illuminated orb in the distance. Since this orb is out of
what is usually considered to be the range for reflection of
dust particles, we consider it to be a genuine orb photo and
possibly the source of the spirit speaking in the EVP.